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We are a company founded in 1989 dedicated to comprehensive desing realizations both ephemeral and permanent. Complete work performed in our workshop, because we have different departments, carpentry ( hardwoods, fibers and boards), locksmith ( iron structures, aluminium, stainless steel), signage ( vinyl, cork), painting…enabling us to deliver strict compliance with work.

Our philosophy is to maintain a good understanding with the client to materialize their ideas with the passion that characterizes. Priority that the customer is satisfied with our work and our work ends when so.

What we do?

Our job is to realize costumer´s ideas into real projects. Cover from construction scenario or theme parks to cork or vinyl lettering.

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We have Developer projects in different parts of the World: London, New york ...


Work with producers, advertising agencies, major brands, theme parks...
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Corazón Sfumato

Recent work

We have a team of people with a solid experience in this market and the infrastructure necessary for all types of assembly.

Use a variety both organic materials such as synthetic, thus ensuring perfect consistency and texture in the finished.

Using materials such as expanded polystyrene( porexpan, poliespan, Styrofoam, estico, Styrofoam) fibreglass ,wood, fabric, cardboard, iron, etc... do all kind of corporeal, sculptures, models, sets, scenery, signs, floats, stands, etc... functional works, with great visual impact, sometimes ephemeral or permanent mechanisms for indoor or outdoor and all formats.

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C/ Islas canarias, 59
46988 Paterna, Valencia (Spain)

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